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and if there are going to be more markdowns as we approach the holidays. >> kristen dahlgren in manhattan. thanks. >>> millions of americans have another challenge on their minds this weekend -- signing up for health care under the new insurance program, or at least trying to. the obama administration's self-imposed deadline to fix the health care website is midnight tonight. kristen welker is following the story. i guess the question is how are they doing. >> reporter: they say they are doing okay. tech experts have only a few hours left to meet the white house's own deadline for getting the affordable care act website running smoothly. critical point in restoring confidence in a damaged presidency. in virginia today, signs of progress for the government's health insurance website. >> my experience was wonderful. i love it. there were no problems. we went through everything real smooth. >> it was really fast this morning. i was really surprised. >> reporter: deirdre said she had trouble signing up in october. today she was one of six people nbc news interviewed reporting success, signing up with
that to you live when that happens. nbc's kristen dahlgren is at the scene of the crash. kristen, what's the latest there? >> reporter: well, like you said, we're waiting for the ntsb to brief us so we can get the latest update on numbers, and also, really, their investigation is well under way now. they've been on scene for several hours. they're looking at a few things. they're trying to come up with the train's black box so they can get some of the data that was recorded by that. they have been throughout the day, investigators here in new york talking with the passengers who were on board that train. also with the conductor and the engineer. we also heard from the governor of new york earlier, and he said that it appears at this point like it was either speed or operator error. this is an area of the tracks that the train goes around a pretty severe curve. usually trains would slow down from 70 miles per hour to 30 miles per hour. it was pulling into an area where a station. and so the train should have been going much slower than we're hearing from people who were on the train who
the town's be loved football team played in the state semifinals on saturday. kristen dahlgren has their story. >> reporter: for the washington panthers, it was supposed to be a rebuilding year. few expected their undefeated season, and nobody expected this. a vicious tornado that left homes and lives in pieces. this became the type of rebuilding the panthers took on. >> everyone comes to games. they're always packed we've got to come out for them. >> reporter: when the team got back on the field just one week after the twister for its first state semifinal game in 28 years. >> this is the first time i've seen chris since -- we met him at the disaster. >> reporter: almost everyone was there. >> community support, that's all we're here for, the community. >> reporter: to feel normal if even for a little while. >> let's go kick some booty. >> reporter: some players wearing borrowed jerseys. at least eight lost their homes, but they were there. >> what changes today is i'm not thinking about that pile of rubble at 900 westminster. it doesn't matter. >> reporter: for once, it wasn't ab
. kristen dahlgren has a look at what you can expect. >> reporter: after black friday scenes like this, you can understand why so many prefer to shop from the comfort of their computers. >> i would much rather shop online than deal with black friday crowds. >> the orders go in. you know it's going to be shipped in a timely manner, and you don't have to deal with the hassle. >> reporter: retailers like target are rolling out the red carpet for cyber monday shoppers. >> over 100,000 items will be on sale or on special deal at target ko our offers will go live in the middle of the night. the amount of people that stay up and immediately start purchasing is pretty awesome. >> reporter: small businesses are also getting some skin in the game. >> if the customer wants, we can locate a town with a heart, star or house. >> reporter: a. heirloom is offering a 20% off coupon, a sale that pays off as shoppers search for that perfect personalized gift. >> cyber monday is the equivalent of one month's worth of orders. we will probably see about one board sold every three minutes. and then wi
of my life. >> let's go live now to the scene where nbc's kristen dahlgren has the latest. kristen, it's been about 4 1/2 hours since this derailment. what are the numbers coming in right now and in terms of cleanup or cost, where are we on that front? >> reporter: right now we still have the four dead and 63 injured. they say they have checked and rechecked. they don't believe that there's anyone else unaccounted for. take a look down here, and you can see just how difficult of a scene this was to get to. there's a steep hill. there's that one car that's just inches away from the river. so a really difficult extrication for the officials that were first on scene here. they actually had to shore up the train, use air pillows, giant air pillows to lift those cars off of some of the victims. so that's just how horrific it was here. we're told that they believe three out of the four deceased were thrown from the train. so witnesses really describing -- one gentleman who was walking his dog out here and saw the aftermath said it is something he will never forget. the investigation now unde
dahlgren is at the macy's in herald square in new york. pretty crazy out there this morning, kristen? >> you know what, lefter in i think the crowds are at home haepg. macy's hopes things pick up for a busy saturday. the first year ever that macy's opened on thanksgiving and the ceo said they did a brisk business. about 15,000 shoppers waiting outside of this store. overall, black friday this year, we did see those usual scuffles. the fist fights and elbows flying in pennsylvania. one woman suspected of using a stun gun in a fight with another shopper. but, overall, the prevailing view, other than those incidents, is really that this was a pretty calm black friday. stores getting better at organizing those lines doing things like handing out the bracelets for the people that are in line early, and so, overall, the thought was that in a lot of places yesterday, it looked just like a normal shopping day before the holidays. that could also be because a lot of people chose to forego the stores and decided to shop online. walmart says thursday was its heaviest traffic ever on its website
car came to rest just inches from the river's edge. kristen dahlgren is live for us on the scene in the bronx. what is the very latest? >> reporter: hooif, the ntsb is scene trying to figure out what went wrong. they will be looking for the black box recorders. also doing interviews with those who were on the train, any eye wets. so there is a lot to go through. we have heard from some who were on the train that it appeared to be going fast, also from people who heard this crash saying it really was a screeching sound, sounded defendant than other trains they have heard through. is this a curve that the train goes around and the trains are supposed to go from about 70 miles per hour down to 30 miles per hour. so a very steep curve that it goes around. and so a lot of people looking at that trying to federal government out if speed was a factor. i know you'll be talking with the governor live, but what he said earlier was that there is no apparent problem with the track here, that speed appears to be the issue. either operator error or perhaps the brakes didn't work. they have got
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)